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ELGYDIUM MULTI-ACTION, a multi-purpose toothpaste with proven efficacy

ELGYDIUM MULTI-ACTION toothpaste is a global solution meant to provide complete care, day after day.

Our mouth and teeth hygiene needs may be multiple and vary with time. ELGYDIUM MULTI-ACTION toothpaste is a global solution meant to provide complete care, day after day. It benefits from active substances known to fight against tooth decay and dental plaque (fluorinol and siliglycol) and from an innovative active substance (Aquacyanée) which anti-oxydant and pro-collagen properties protect and strengthen gums.

ELGYDIUM MULTI-ACTIONS, 5 actions for a complete toothpaste

ELGYDIUM MULTI-ACTION is a global protection toothpaste meant to provide optimal oral and dental hygiene. Its active substances help to protect and strengthen gums, prevent tooth decay, decrease dental plaque formation, keep breath freshness and maintain natural teeth whiteness. Multi-purpose and innovative through Aquacyanée properties, ELGYDIUM MULTI-ACTION provides global protection to each and everyone’s needs.


Aquacyanée, to protect gum health

Aquacyanée (patented by Pierre Fabre Laboratories) is an active substance produced from blue-green algae grown in a certified environmentally-friendly process.

In a comparative study, Aquacyanée has been shown to significantly protect living gum samples exposed to oxydative substances (72% reduction of oxydative damages, with an anti-oxydant effect similar to that of vitamin E). In addition, Aquacyanée spray-dried powder significantly increases Type-1 pro-collagen synthesis by these gum samples (+42%, p=0.002), thus protecting and improving gum resistance (1).


Fluorinol, to strengthen enamel against acid attacks

Fluorinol (nicomethanol fluorhydrate, 1,350 ppm fluoride, patented by Pierre Fabre Laboratories) helps remineralize and protect tooth enamel. As soon as the second minute of brushing, 6 times more fluoride is bound to enamel compared to usual mineral fluoride, and 4 times more than with a first generation fluorinated amine (2). Fluoride binding helps remineralize enamel and increases tooth resistance to acid attacks which trigger decay.


Siliglycol, against dental plaque and to extend Fluorinol action

Siliglycol slows down dental plaque building (the bacterial film which grows on teeth between two brushings) and encourages fluoride surface binding, even after mouth rinsing (3). Thus, it has a double action: less acid attacks by plaque bacteria and stronger enamel.


A pleasant feeling of freshness and clean teeth

ELGYDIUM MULTI-ACTION is a complete formula which keeps fresh breath and maintains teeth natural whiteness.

When tested on 44 persons for 21 days, its global satisfaction score was 8.95 over 10. For 95% of participants, ELGYDIUM MULTI-ACTION makes teeth feel clean and its flavor results in a pleasant mouth freshness. In addition, 97% were convinced ELGYDIUM MULTI-ACTION could provide them with good daily dental hygiene and 79% scored it as better than their current toothpaste.


Thanks to the proven efficacy of its active substances, ELGYDIUM MULTI-ACTION toothpaste is a multi-purpose toothpaste which allows adults, teenagers and kids over 12 to enjoy a unique, adapted solution to keep optimal mouth and teeth hygiene, day after day.



(1) Study on living gum explants from 26 persons exposed to the oxydative action of a mix xanthine oxydase/hypoxanthine + vitamin E or 0.01% spray-dried Aquacyanée powder.

(2) Morawietz M., Ufer C, Heunemann U., Kiesow A. Investigating fluoride uptake/ precipitation on a human enamel surface after in vitro topical treatment with fluoride sources. Fraunhofer Institute for microstructure of Materials and Systems IMWS, Halle (Saale). Report no.: V782/2017. November 27th, 2017

(3) Lacout et Al. Effets d’agents filmogènes sur la fluoration d’une apatite analogue à l’émail



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